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Oct 2, 2012 5:30pm EDT
under marylaad's paming laws... because they're bbsically slot machines. <"they''e not ddfferent. it's the saae results. you invest money and ou get gain nd it's a gamble."> the operator offa bingo hall in southwest baltimmre has filed suit in an effort to keep his mmchines. a court hearing is schedule for thursday. 3 they've been practicing behind thescenessfor days.but tomorrow nighh...presideet obama...and mitt romney finally squure off in tteir first televised debate. debate.the president holds a small lead overromney ii many polls.and that's whyyone llcal says that debate is so bothh andidates. 3&p(kromer) "at this point n time, it's obama's to lose, so romneyys behind in the polls, he'' ehind ii a lot of the major swing states that republicans have to win likk peeds to ccme out, and romnee needs toodemonstrate that e can clearly aaticulate his platform.. you an watch the presidential pebatetomorrow night...riggt 3ere on fox 45. big news out of pennnylvania. looks like voters there will find it lot easier to ccst their ballots in he presidential
Sep 28, 2012 5:30pm EDT
library and canvass surrounding neighborhooos. they're hoping to gain support to pprove the law....the &pmeasure, which gives in-state tuition to illegal iimigrants, wws passed earlier his year but opponents lead a pptition drive to put the issue on the ballot. e recentty did aatown hall meeting on the dreammact. you can watch the whole thing at fox baltimoreedot com. click on townnhall under hot topics. pur next town hall will focus on the same ssx marriaae referendum. ts set for phuusday october 25th. and you can watch it livv by going to fox baltimooe-dot-ccm nd cliiking on town hall in ur hot topics section. meanwhille carroll countt is planning a public hearing on whether to make english its officiaa languagg.commissioner idea earller this week.underr the plan.. official actions of the county would be written and presented in english only. shoemaker says it will save it comes to printing costs. frederick and queen anne's counties have lrradyyadopted the policy. foo he first tiim, ttoenroll in a low-cost able health care program. this afternoon, state and local offfcials ann
Oct 5, 2012 5:30pm EDT
...aide in search and rescue missions, help law enforcemenn and homeland security. the new helicopters allo have some unique designs. "the maayland ssate flag thats painted....represrent eternal sttte."each helicopter "- cost about 6-million-doolars. aa.. series of nightmares... for a street... in... east baltimore..../// psince... jjly,.../ thrre ...huge sinn holes... opened up.../ forcing... the street... to be closed .../ and,... businesses... suffering.../. suffering.../. aniie park ... live... on... east monument.../ where... just yesterday.../ the,... opened up. janice? sinkhole...ttis mmkes number phree.the ssdewalks are open...but businesses here have had to deal with thhs street beinn closed since july...and thh department of public works says it will be at least november until repairs are done. so hat's causing all these sink holess..puulic works say &ptheyyare aal a resslt of the 120 year old storm draii.... whhre the bricks and mortar have just given way.public works say also every time it rains...ttey have to pump oot water and it sets them back. they are build
Oct 1, 2012 5:30pm EDT
, expired, or contaminated. in online phhrmacies eet staae f ann federal laws. the -d-a warns if low prrscriptioo prices seem too good to be true... they probably are. a... young.... indianaa.. girl... in... searcc for treasure... / ends up... finding a iece of h. aad... her mother... kim ... love aatiquing...///.one daa,... kallie found a history book in terre haute.../ insidee ... was... a letter... from orld war two..../. to... cleta aldridge --/ informing her ...that her son, victor... overseas....///kallie... and her mom rightful owner... of... he letter....//turns cleta and victor... passed away .../ but,... victor's wife still llved innindiann. 43-53"we saw thh headstone nd ended up lookinggat the phooe book that doesn't evvn have a cover on it and founn victor allridge jr.'' phone numberrin " there"135-141"you don't know where the past is going to cooe up and meet you, it's interesting, it's wonderful, it's liff" and that'' a part of their life, and ttjusttneeded to go back to them." them."victor aldridge junior... was a purple heart recipient... and... a... bat boy... for &p
Oct 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. a... south carolina family... makes....a... disturbing discovery... on facebook...///.they... find pictures... of... people partying... in their home... / but... &p they... werennt there! on... vaaation... in new york.. in july. want his identity known... &psays it took three months before detaals ssarted leaking out onnfacebook.he says the parygoers tood his kids... they broke into the house... to an unlocked window.een... "one of them was dancinn around with a funnel in his hand. the other ooe was throwinggup in the sink.i'm looking at this saying this is inside my house. there's someone in my son's oom walking around doing lewd walki notiied the screen when they returree home, but thought everything seemed okay inside. appaaently theepprty crew.. clean uu well befooe the faaily retuunedd..but tagged themselvvs in picturrs on facebook frrm the party.the man sayy teenagers pictured in consider this an active no - investigation. 3 3 buck showwlter annoonces tomorrow's starting pitcher... find out who wil
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5